Postponed: PASIG Madrid

PASIG Madrid has been postponed until further notice. When it is possible to resume the full conference, it will be hosted by the Biblioteca Digital Memoria de Madrid, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, home to some of the city’s main libraries and archives.

When and where is PASIG?

PASIG events take place approximately every 12 months at volunteer host institutions. To enable the global exchange of ideas and practice, events typically alternate between the eastern and western hemispheres.

Who attends PASIG?

PASIG is less formal than academic conferences. Everyone is welcome to attend but registration is typically capped at 150-200 participants and we schedule lots of coffee breaks to ensure effective networking.

Commercial presence and participation is an integral part of PASIG and has a designated place at the event.

Every attendee is encouraged to participate to ensure everyone benefits from a broad exchange of expertise.

Attendees agree to participate in line with our Code of Conduct.

Who can share their work?

PASIG has not yet needed to offer a call for proposals or ideas. Talks are invited by the Program Committee and may also be accepted by the Program Committee when volunteered.

What does a typical PASIG event look like?

PASIG events usually span three days, starting later on day one and ending earlier on day three to allow for delegate travel. A typical day includes four 90 minute sessions with an hour for lunch and two half hour breaks.

PASIG is a single track event but we will occasionally schedule a parallel stream on a specialist topic.

Each event includes a range of session types including:

  • ‘Bootcamp’ or ‘Preservation 101’ sessions. These are aimed at newcomers, but because they cover the latest issues and trends, experienced practitioners often choose to attend.

  • Typical ‘conference style’ sessions with three or four presentations (20-25 minutes) on a specific theme or topic, followed by Q&A or a panel discussion (10-15 minutes).

  • Interactive panel discussions and workshop-style sessions.

  • Lightning rounds (3-5 minutes with one or two slides). To enable all attendees to share their work, sign-up for lightning rounds remains open during the event.


PASIG is made possible by the generous contributions of our sponsors. Becoming a sponsor is a great way to support the PASIG community. Our sponsorship packages offer a range of benefits, from complimentary registrations, speaking and networking opportunities, to promoting your organisation’s brand, and more. Sponsorship packages are tailored to each event.

Interested in hosting a PASIG event?