PASIG Governance

There are three committees involved in the successful running of PASIG events. Each committee is made up of volunteers from across the community, including industry representatives and practitioners alike. Participants in PASIG Committees represent and serve the preservation community as a whole, rather than their individual interests or those of their affiliated organizations.

Steering Committee (SC)

The Steering Committee oversees the successful planning and delivery of each event, manages PASIG’s communication assets, and stewards its financial resources. The Steering Committee:

  • Selects the location and host organisation for each event.

  • Coordinates the venue, timings and other logistical aspects of the event in conjunction with the Local Host Committee.

  • Assembles the Program Committee and selects a local host representative as the nominal chair.

  • Liaises with the Program Committee as the agenda develops.

  • Develops the sponsorship packages and engages sponsors.

  • Leads on publicity and communications in collaboration with the Program Committee.

Local Host Committee (LC)

  • The Local Hosts provide the venue, logistical planning and financial backing for the PASIG event. The Local Host Committee:

  • Provides facilities and logistical planning

  • Publishes an event-specific website, including transport and accommodation recommendations

  • Works with the Steering Committee on financial management of the event.

  • Manages the registration process and collects registration fees.

  • Collaborates with the Program Committee on aligning the event facilities and timing with the event agenda (seating capacity, reception timings, etc.)

Program Committee (PC)

  • The Program Committee varies from event to event and includes both past members (to help with continuity), new members (for fresh ideas and connections). A representative from the local host organization will act as the nominal chair. The Program Committee:

  • Selects topics and invites speakers in line with standard PASIG meeting structure (new elements can be introduced in consultation with the SC).

  • Serves as the point of contact for speakers and delegates.

  • Moderates or facilitates sessions during the event and manages the overall flow of the event program.